RGB Laser 1000mw ILDA + Software & Interface

RGB Laser 1000mw ILDA + Software & Interface

We get supplies from all the factories in China and according to our own standards in many regards.

Compliancy with import regulations and also export packaging.

This laser produces a stunning combined power of 1000mw.

It has three TE cooled laser diodes that are manufactured by CNI and are rated for 10,000 hours of life.

The diodes are: 200mw Blue, 300mw Green and 500mw Red

This laser comes with the Mamba Black software and interface. You dont need to spend any money on anything else to be able to create your own animations. It is also compatible with the Pangolin software.

There is no need to buy any software as this software is so comprehensive specially with its library of material assisting you to create animation in speed.

Connect to your desktop PC or your laptop. It comes in 110 volts for the USA and Canadian buyers and or 220-250V for all other countries.

There is multi channels of DMX , it can operate as it is without the software in the Auto or sound active mode as it has many patterns in its memory.

This is a perfect and very powerful laser for outdoor use.

Please dont hesitate to ask any questions that you may have.

These pictures have been taken by Dj Nadim Naoum of Canada.


Software & Interface Description which is included in this offer

Medialas Mamba Black Plus Interface Control

Mamba Black is the new, hot lasershow software, programmed in open hardware concept. Mamba is not limited to any output card or specific hardware, and is compatible to most existing DACs, such as USB-Box, OEM-USB Card, QM2000, and others. The very intuitive user interface offers all necessary features for perfect shows. Unlimited numbers of tracks offer incredible capabilities for synchronizing your lasershow to almost any music fo Features:

Internal resolution 32 bits per channel

- Full X, Y, RGB, Blanking/Fading
- Import of ILD, LaserPainter, HotBoard, Avatar
- Export of ILD, LaserPainter , HotBoard, Avatar
- Unlimited number of tracks on timeline 
- Interactive VST2005 video tracing
- SMS2Laser for standard Siemens/Nokia GSM phones
- Running text on timeline with morphing or animation
- Live interface with Midi control input
- Raster TV (coming soon)
- Scanspeed up to 130,000 pps
- Realtime frame editor
- Fully object oriented editing at any time
- Unlimited number of frames
- All True Type Fonts available
- Sync to CD, WAV, MP3 
- Recoloring by using bitmap files
- Splines for moving sequence
- Unlimited number of projectors 
- ViPro Virtual projectors with individual geometric correction

Please click on this icons to see a movie

These movies are donated to us by Dan from Speculative Entertainment of Taiwan

who purchased one of these lasers.


Product Origin: China
Model Number: 1000mw RGB Laser
Brand Name: Resalaser

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